Health is Blessing

"Sayhat hazar naymat hai"

You only realize it when you get unwell or sick. I have been having deep muscle pain in my upper back since last four days. Funny thing is it started right after I cut my 40th birthday cake. I guess 40 hit me hard .lol! My kids have been teasing me that its down hill for me now after turning 40 and I’m getting old. For a moment I really thought that May be I am getting old. But , I’m not ready for it .

In past few days I have felt we take our health for granted . Maybe we should be more thankful for good health and ask for forgiveness in pain and trouble. For sure Allah tests us with best of our health and in pain, knowing if we remember him or not.

As a mother all this time in pain I was thinking about kids their food and hussain , not being able to attend there needs. If to be said, it seems like a small muscle pain but sometimes little pains can effect you all over. I was physically in pain and mentally feeling annoyed by it . As it was affecting my movement and my productivity around the house. Even though I had help from Nadeem and kids , but there was this constant guilt and worry for kids. Allah has given us Mothers this huge strength to endure all the pain and at the same time take care of her kids.

What Allah has blessed Mothers is special , the sacrifice we do , the strength we have to endure the pain . No one else can comprehend that. I thought about my mother who would have gone through so much while bringing me up. All the troubles and pains she went through, you only realize and feel it once you become a mother. May Allah bless our moms and us .

So, now I have decide to take more care of my physical health as well my mental health. I know I’m not getting younger and my kids are no more babies . They need me more than before . I will be more grateful for my good health and ask for HIS forgiveness in bad health and troubling times.

I encourage you all to do the same .

Stay Healthy and Stay Blessed.

“Good health is a hidden blessing. If it is found , it is forgotten,

and if it is missed , it is remembered.”

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (AS)

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