Mom needs a break!

Lying down in bed with heating pad on , a certain movement cramps up my muscles . I can hear kids doing there monkey business and little one comes to me with a poopy diaper. Thats the one thing no one in the house agrees to do. I had to clean him like a old fragile lady.

Since last few days I have been getting allot of messages , that I need to take a break from everything and rest more. Some things are easily said then done. It sounds so wonderful but , too good to be true. Specially when have younger kids . It is much more easier when kids are older and independent . But, this idea of “taking break” , is for sure important as well.

We all mothers need to understand the idea of taking break and why its really important. Taking break doesn’t mean that we are being selfish and we should not have a guilt about it. Taking a break means , we need to unwind , clear our mind and be alone for a while without kids .”ME time”

How moms can take a break?

  • Plan and priorities your work for the day.
  • Make sure to dress up and look gorgeous even if staying home.
  • Do meal plans in a way that you don’t have to cook everyday.
  • Do one big chore a day , rather exhausting yourself with workload.
  • Plan something for yourself , during kids nap time. Anything that can relax you or take a nap with them.
  • Talk to your husband and kids , share your thoughts . Tell them how you feel. Plan with them if they can give you time for yourself alone , for longer time period. Or you can plan a day out .
  • Have yourself start a hobby or read a book , paint or write down your feelings in a journal.
  • Talk to your besties , went out.
  • Try to go alone for a walk or outside alone. Just walking alone in fresh air helps to relax.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated and fed .
  • Love and understand yourself , self love is important.

This helps me but , no matter what I will do to relax myself , mom thoughts are always there . We mothers can never runaway from those. To all mommies out there feeling tired , exhausted, single , suffering and alone, I hear you! We are strong and powerful, we can’t quit but we can certainly take a break.

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