YES LADIES ! Boys are from Mars and Girls are from Venus. But its all cool , if you keep them six feet apart. Every Night I ask my husband what did I eat to have these baboons . LOL!

Life with boys is more like a chaotic jungle with flying monkeys in a hurricane. Less drama but more chaos. For my little man a dirty messy room is cool, talks Minecraft language “mama when did u spawn me”, school is useless place to be, he can learn anything and everything from google. Favourite subject to talk about is cars , dinosaurs and poop. Doesn’t eat just breathe air and mama makes gross food and Dady is the best cook.

Im won’t tell you that my son is the perfect little boy like, I actually i want him to be , instead he is perfect in being himself. Like how boys should be , curious , adventurous , wild and with strange imagination.

After three girls having a boy was excited but , it will this exciting I didn’t knew. I have to switch my brain cells many times to deal with them. In all this wild crazy life of mine I have learnt a lot from my kids. My Boys no matter how crazy they make me they are love of my life, they have taught me to be generous , to look things with more imagination , to be wild with them and aliens will take over the world soon.

All the Power to Moms of boys and our blessed , Messy Life .

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