Marriage is a serious commitment, a wonderful relationship. In which we evolve and explore ourselves. Honestly, I evolved and grew a lot , became someone I never knew I would be. 

When we went for the dinner, the server asked us if we were celebrating anything. We mentioned, our 21st anniversary. 
She asked me , what’s the secret? 
I smiled and instantly said just tag along,don’t let either one fall behind . You just keep on going . Eventually, everything becomes a one purpose and the journey becomes meaningful. 
She laughed and said never heard that before. Off course, I think she wanted to hear some romantic advice . 
Honestly, how these 21 years gone by like a flash but so many memories to cherish and so much to be thankful and grateful. 

Love ❤️ Respect ❤️Honesty and Forgiveness ❤️ are the key 🔑 to this relationship. So give a little and get a little . Stay blessed everyone , may you all have endless joy and Happiness of each other. 

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