Roast Beef

With roasted Brussel sprouts and green beans. This is my family’s all time favourite dish. 
Did you know ! Roast Beef is a signature National dish of England which goes back to 18th century. “The Roast Beef of England” the English took from French.
Later by time it became famous in different parts of world. 

I have used “ Eye of round “ meat . You can always ask your butcher to give you “Eye of Round” or “sirloin” piece for the roast beef.
Marination is easy and simple .
> Olive oil
> Salt ( I use Sea Salt)
> Fresh coarsely ground black pepper 
> garlic chopped 
> Rosemary if you have fresh awesome other wise dry is great too. 

Marinate the meat for at least 1 hr. Preheat the oven on 350 degrees. Now cooking takes time . Depends on the size of the meat. I had 4lb meat it took me 3 hr. 

We like medium well done, so I cooked it uncovered. After one hour baste the meat, they way the meat stay moist . Eye of round is marbled meat , with layer of fat on top. That will melt slowly and make the roast beef moist and juicy. 

You will notice the juices around the meat layer once done cooking , use those drippings of the gravy. Add the beef drippings in to a separate pot make a gravy by adding corn starch and add salt if required. 
If you have a meat thermometer, the temperature should be 160 for perfect medium well done roast beef. 

For side u can do anything 
I roasted carrots with ginger , some green beans and mash potatoes are must. 
Mash potatoes are simple and easy in IP ( instant pot)
For recipes of the sides check out the high lights. ☝️
Enjoy❤️ prendre plaisir ❤️

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