Be a Super Woman , Not a Superwoman !

In early stage of my married life , I was a Yonge mother and struggling wife. Managing my ways without any help. Ammi came to visit me in our small one bedroom apartment , she stayed few weeks. Before leaving , She told me , “before as a Wife or a Mother you are human. Do only as much your body and you can handle.” I didn’t understand at that time , realized it later.

She was right we sometimes forget that before any given title we are simple human being. Out of that blind love and also the way we are conditioned that we are to provide comfort to our husbands and his family. We, go over and beyond and try to show we are superwoman. 

Honestly , I have done that for a long time and I realized it when my body and mind was not on the same pace. I was exhausted. And I told my husband that , that’s it ! I can’t ! He looked at me and said ,”then don’t do it , let me help. You never asked.” Why are you exhausting yourself. I said to my self stupid me what was I trying to prove all that time. All I needed to do was ask for help. I was hoping he would understand himself. Men dont, they have many other things on their mind. Sometimes they need to be reminded or asked for help.

Alhumdulillah ! Nadeem was raised well to help , to support , to love and to be there when I need him. So ladies when I talk about these issues , its not that I have not faced them I talk with my experience.

Always remember,

  • Before someones daughter, wife or mother you are a human.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself , don’t overburdened your self with responsibilities that can be shared. 
  • Learn to say “NO”. You can’t always say yes to everything. Its good for your own sanity.
  • Ask for help , be expressive about your feeling. Happy, sad, angry and annoyed let it be clear to other person how you feel. 
  • Don’t hide your feeling within yourself. Speak up!
  • Know you’re worth and be confident.
  • Love yourself.

“Women is a delicate creature with strong emotions , who has been created by the Almighty God to shoulder responsibility for educating society and moving towards perfection. God created women as symbol of His own beauty and to give solace to her partner and her family.” Imam Ali (AS)

You all are Super Women , love and live well. Have a wonderful weekend !

Love to all  

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