40th Birthday

40 is just a number but journey to reach 40 is a celebration. Age may be a number but aging is a process worth celebrating. Many lessons learnt reaching this milestone in life ,the one and the most important of all is “gratitude”. This one word sums up my whole life.  Being thankful to Allah for good days and bad days. 

Bad days gave me strength to fight and made me a fighter ,with more faith in ALLAH. The good days gave me hope and satisfaction that i have been blessed. Rest all is come and go in life .

And its not over ……

Life is yet to explore more,
love yet to give 
pain yet to endure.

Im a voyager,
On a journey to explore,
Only that time I don't have
Soul that is not mine.


Let me breathe it all,
Let me love to the end,
Let me live to the fullest.

So nothing to regret when I'm gone,
Celebrate now, today and tomorrow.


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