Kids & Anxiety.

Have you ever thought, what future are we promising our kids or can we even promise anything . The world itself has become so unpredictable and strange for us. Anxiety , stress , depression and uncertainty is our new norm to life. Things are changing by days, one simple task has become so tedious and tomorrow is unsure.

From last few days I have been handling stress related,  to my kids. Their issues and concerns are just a spec compared to the life they look forward to. 

If the stress of school and college can be a cause of anxiety , how my precious minds will handle the rest. There is a lot more to see and live. It’s just the beginning for them, school, career, work, relationships and so one. The circle of life has its own many challenges.  Are they strong and ready to face that all. 

As a mother I gave them hope , i gave them strength and guidance.Thats all I could do and that’s what kids need. Listening , they need someone to listen , someone they can open with and trust. Knowing they won’t be judged. Nothing better than parents , if they can play that role , if not then counselling is the best option. 

So I listened and told  them to be strong and do their best and leave rest to God. But deep down I could feel their anxiousness , I could see they are scared of “what if ….”.

I was reminded by my friend , “that sometimes we are forced to be strong and it sucks.”  Yes it sucks! but , we have no other choice. I was forcing them to be strong ,to be positive and to let go of their fears. Our strength is what defines us and saves us in the end. I never imagined that one day I have to tell my kids that I don’t know what it will be for you in the future , all I could say to them was no matter what I will be there for you. 

 “HOPE” , is all that is left with us for better tomorrow.  Inshallah 

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