Mental health a stigma

Mental health has become a stigma in our society. Which needs to stop and we need to talk about it more. Most important misconceptions of mental health issue in our society is not realizing it’s a medical problem. It’s nothing to be ashamed of , it’s not a “stigma” a “disgrace” or “weak faith” or “a punish from God”. We all have different ways of expressing emotions, some become isolated , some act normal and become vocal .

When I became pregnant with my 5th baby , it was a surprise and it took me a long time to except it. Through out that time I was not happy, however my family was happy and that kept me going. But, my anxiety of becoming a mother again and starting all over again was silently disturbing me.

I had to go through the postpartum depression which was worst. I would cry , I would get furious at people around me. I would drive alone Park in parking lot and cry. But, every time I would feel like that I would tell my family that this what I’m feeling. I would tell them so they know.I got support from my family. I didn’t stay quiet. My husband understood and helped.

Then covid happened and my anxiety and stress came back. Due to lockdown , kids home schooling and sudden change all over the world got best of me. I would get frustrated , yell at kids for no reason and feel guilt over it. Many times I would feel lost while doing my errands out side . 

Thats when I realized okay this is something serious and needs to be taken care of. As a mother everything depended on me and I needed to save my sanity in order to look after everyone else. 

10 things I remind myself and for you to remember;

  • Its okay to be not okay !
  • relax and let go!
  • you can’t fix everything & not everything is fixable.
  • take breaks , don’t overthink and don’t burnout.
  • Talk to someone  you trust and Get help!
  • You are never alone. 
  • Faith can help you but, it can never be cause of your suffering.
  • Find positivity in your life , you are control of your own thoughts.
  • Love yourself, you are your own boss.
  • It shall pass! A satisfaction to give yourself.

Have wonderful weekend !

Stay safe and stay strong!

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