Pre Ramadan Cleanup

Hello lovely people , can you believe its March already. Sun shines brighter but, still feel the cold in the wind. Days becoming little longer giving hope that its almost spring ! 

Today, I was checking my calendar and realized , march break almost here and then Ramadan.

Here’s what i plan for March and before ramadan starts. I know we all plan on stocking up on food items. But, i’ll be decluttering and organizing the house. I believe before ramadan its important to be organized and have a perspective. Starting from the kitchen then onwards.

You may ask why before Ramadan? 

Ramadan is all about self reflection, for that being organized and focused is important. Organizing the house and my self gives me self control , puts me at ease that I’m on track. I feel more in control over myself ,I don’t feel I’m all over and i won’t panic. 

So here how we are going to do it. I encourage you to join me in 4 week challenge  of “Pre Ramadan Clean up “. We will start with decluttering and organizing the kitchen and pantry first.

  • Start with decluttering. Open up the cabinets and see what stuff you haven’t used for long. If it’s no use for you donate or give to someone in need. 
  • Clean the drawers and cabinets, organize or relocate the things.Sometimes I really enjoy relocating things within the cabinets.
  • Organize pantry , throw away expired food. Donate non perishable food to food bank or donate to someone in need.
  • Clean and organize the fridge and freezer. Before you start on preparing food for ramadan make sure you fridge and freezer is clean & organized. Compost any old food.
  • Budget your  Ramadan expense keep it simple, this year due to pandemic things will be same as last year. No gathering most probably ,so simplify things. Help someone in need for grocery or food. Make a Sheri or Iftar Ration for someone in need. Month of Ramadan is all about giving.
  • Last is make the list and plan. Start with you pantry grocery list, to what meals you will be preparing before ramadan.

So , Let’s be in spirit of Spring and Ramadan . Join me , I will be sharing my clean up with you all in my stories.

Hope you all have a fantastic start to this week.

Stay safe and stay blessed!

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