Are you a breakfast person ?

Most people tend to say that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.
As the first meal to start your day off, It’s important to have a meal that is packed with fibre, nutrients and vitamins. 
Most of my kids love eating eggs and toast, and this is a dish I made inspired by Florentine Eggs Benedict that my family adores.

The recipe is really simple and easy to make.The arugula blend is added to bring some greens and packed vitamins for some extra fuel for your day.
The pesto on the poached eggs adds a unique kick of flavour that really makes your mornings special. 
Paired with organic whole wheat bread with quinoa and sunflower seeds, it brings a crunchy, high fibre delight to your dish.

For healthier breakfast its important to have healthier bread, is organic bread produced In Langley, BC. We love and support our local foods.

Bread Comes in three varieties 

🌾Oroweat Organic Whole Grain Loaf.

🌾Oroweat Organic Quinoa & Sunflower Seed Loaf.

🌾Oroweat Organic 22 Grain & Seeds Loaf.

Whether you love breakfast or rather have some coffee to start your day, this is a really easy, nutritious and quick recipe worth trying.

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