Are you a Plant person?

Happy Monday everyone ! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Have you ever thought, the amount of joy we feel when we plant something and it starts growing and we keep taking care of it more. Providing it better sunlight, water and food. 
Then double that amount of joy as parents, when we see our kids grow. We provide with best and protect them from harm.

Now imagine, the joy of the creator (Allah ) who has created us and the Plants. It unimaginable , it’s beyond our thoughts.
When I think it this way it gives me so much comfort that my creator loves me more than I love anything in this world, HE loves me more that my own mother. 
Then all my worries disappear I feel loved and blessed.
So much Glory to my Allah (God).

For me my plants are my refuge, I find peace and tranquility in taking care of them. As they grow I grow,
Somedays we just need something in life that give hope and good morale that everyday will be better and different.

Never think you are alone, grow some plants and you will find tomorrow beautiful . 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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