Lahore Lahore Aae!

Lahore is Lahore!

Beautiful view of Badshahi Mosque from Lahore fort

How much truth to this phrase that “Jine Lahore nai vekhya o Jamya -e – nai” ” if you haven’t seen Lahore  haven’t born yet!”

Coming to Lahore after a decade was a dream come true. Don’t know what was I waiting for all this time. Once I landed I instantly had this feeling of belonging , association. 

Lahore the city of lights,hospitable people and foodies. The hustle and bustle of city that never sleeps. The beautiful greenery, lushness and the abundance of sweet fresh fruits and vegetables. The sound of Azaan “call to prayers”, exhilerates my soul. Only the padresi living in west can relate to this feeling. 

Everything looks and sounds , APNA! APNA!. 

Importantly Lahore’s rich cultural history and architecture was fascinating me the most. And this time I wanted to explore the historical part of the city with my 10 year old who always had so many questions about Pakistan.

So, I decided to take an exploring tour of the old city , walled city of Lahore . Which homes the major historical monuemts like Lahore fort, Badshahi Mosque, Wazir khan Mosque and more.

I was very fortunate to find Nida and Hamza from Guzargah tours. These two Yonge, energetic travel-buffs were amazing and very professional. I learned so much about the Lahore history and got to see the beautiful architecture with them and was proudly able to show Mohammad my rich vibrant Pakistani culture.

The old Lahore street markets, haveli’s , most famous Lahore food spots , chai and  adventurous Rangeela Rickshaw ride.

Nida was very patient with Mohammad , attended to his questions. Hamza was our protector our knight on the streets of Lahore. Best chai partners as well. 

Sharing some of the pictures of “Walled city Lahore “. 

Beautiful memories of my culture with Mohammad.

However this was just the glimpse of beautiful Pakistan. Inshallah , wish to show him more soon.

The photography is all done by Guzargah.

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