Toxic Friendships in kids

Toxic Friendships in kids.

Honestly growing up I was never guided to choose healthy relationships. Learnt my way up , understood the toxic nature of relationships. 

“Toxi voxic kuch nahi hot bus zindagi guzarna seekho”, “ Be patient , with time people change , you will learn to accept too”. Mostly we hear this.

Times have changed and kids now days are facing more toxic friendships and relationships. The causes are anxiety, frustration , peer pressure and low self esteem. Need to be liked , felt important and be popular. 

We need to teach our kids , regardless of their gender to differentiate between toxic friendships and healthy friendships. Boys usually are not very vocal about their friendships but,  girls are more emotional when it come to friends. 

 Few things that can be very helpful for our Children in building healthy relationships. Give them the confidence and encouragement to understand what is best for them. Also, gives us parents a opportunity to be more close to our  children.

  1. Build  friendly bond with your kid. Give him/ her time. 
  2. Show them you care and are there of them. Show then you are listening.
  3. Acknowledge their strengths.
  4. Do not judge them at anytime.
  5. Value their opinions , their involvements on daily level. Make them feel important.
  6. Teach them to set boundaries , physical , mental  as well emotional boundaries. 
  7. Teach them to seek the same  in others in order to make new friends.
  8. Let them know Friendships that does not value them is not a healthy friendship.
  9. Make them mentally and emotionally strong. 
  10. Let them know their worth so , they are not to be crushed by negative and toxic people. 

We all know how important friendships are in our lives. Having a healthy, positive friendship is a blessing. We wish our kids have strength and courage to choose their battles. They get the ability to choose positive relationships in their lives and prosper around them.

There is nothing bigger blessing than having  positive and  healthy relationships in life . Remember, we can only guide them and advice them rest it’s their battle to fight. 

Let’s train our best warriors for the world. 

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