Teach kids what Love is !

We have commercialized “love”, but are we giving the right message to our children about love. 

Do they know what love is?

It’s hard for some of us to understand what actually love is, some of us  learned hard way and some are still in love as we speak.

What actually love is? , the hardest thing to explain. But  when the teenagers and Yonge adults of Tik Tok generation are growing around you, you really need to guide them and tell them what actual love is. It’s far more than a crush, infatuation so before they learn hard way let’s teach few basics about love to our kids.

Love is kindness that you show and receive.

Love is hope that you get and give others.

Love is your family , their affection and care.

Love is your strength that gets you to fight.

Love is pure as your faith.

Love is to protect, trust and believe in yourself.

Love is the sacrifice  that you may make for others or for yourself.

Love is you , beautiful , innocent and pure.

Before you love someone love yourself.

So , let’s tell kids to love themselves first, fill their hearts with kindness and hope . Have strength to endure , protect their faith and believe in themselves. As there is nothing more beautiful than themselves and their faith.


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