Raise Strong Girls!


I have three daughters and two son’s. Each one of them is unique and special in their own ways. We aim to keep a gender neutral environment , but yes sometimes boys do get the benefit of their gender.  But I have raised strong girls who raise their voice to balance the gender role in the house.

Being  raised and conditioned in a male predominant  culture , unintentionally we manifest a little bit  bias behaviour ourselves. When raising kids we show  gender favouritism that later influences in a bias environment in the house. Most of the time is an unconcious bias act, but easily malleable.

We will let our girls come home before dark , but our boys are okay to stay out after dark.

It’s acceptable for our son to have a dirty room , while our daughters should be clean.

Our daughter is expected to help in the kitchen while , our son sits and enjoys the food.

Our son can choose a girl of his choice but,  our daughter will marry where parents say.

Our daughters should be more religious where,  our son can get a religious wife.

Our daughters give hard time  to parents , boys are like that ,they take time.

Our sons every little achievement celebrated as a victory , our daughter doesn’t get much praised so she might not become over confident.

Daughters need to loose weight , eat less and son need to eat more to build strong manly muscles.

And so forth. There are many  more examples of or bias gender views. I’m sure you get the idea what I’m trying to press on here.

Once I asked my daughter to start helping me in the kitchen so one day when u need to cook u can feed your husband. She said, “ill make sure my husband knows how to cook. So he can feed me too. I can do dishes while he cooks”.

Guess what, I have taught my 10 year old to make tea and fry egg and make sandwich for himself. Made sure he does his own laundry. Just so tomorrow he can have a balanced relationship. Preparing my son for tomorrow’s women. Lol!

As parents we need to #breakthebias from home. The culture of bias parenting needs to stop. we need to teach our daughters they are as equal. Not to do gender favouritism and implicate gender role.

Our daughters , our women need the confidence from home to fight their battles . Their home ground should be strong and welcoming. So when they are wounded , tired and broken they always have a place to heal and grow.

Raise strong girls and boys! 

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