Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

Mamabee cooks and can do DIY too. As you all know how much I love gardening. Recently I started the project of building a raised garden bed.

I bought one last year from Costco that cost me over $100 this one was below $100. The raised garden bed is ideal for gardening as it prevents bunny friends from eating vegetables. As we have many cute friendly bunnies hopping around in Calgary.

Also , raised garden is easy and convenient.

If you like to plant herbs and vegetables this is a great thing. It is a very easy to build project, if you are handy with power.

However , i believe a women can use power tools just like anyone.

A few tips, if you don’t have a circular saw that’s fine, you take the wood to home depot http://www.homedepot.ca with measurements. They can cut for you.

Another tip you don’t have to buy expensive wood like cedar, you can very easily build with spruce and Sienna.

Here is what you’ll need for the project:


  1. (3) 1x6x8 ( spruce or treated Sienna  boards )
  2. (2) 1x4x8 Sienna  board
  3. (2) 2x2x8 board 
  4. 2” wood screws
  5. Landscaping fabric
  6. Raised bed garden soil (used  three bags of 48 L)
  7. Plants or seeds



  • (4) 2×2 – 30″
  • (4) 1×6 – 24″
  • (4) 1×6 – 46.5″
  • (5) 1×4 – 24″

How to make an Elevated Garden Bed

1.Cut the Boards.

First thing you have to do is cut the wood according to the measurements you are building your bed. Cut it yourself or can get it cut from Home Depot. I used circular saw to cut all the boards.

I made my box two foot wide by four foot long. I cut 4 boards at 24” and 4 boards at 48” long.

2. Attach the boards to the Legs.

Attaching the boards to the legs was pretty simple. I basically assembled the box upside down.  

Once I attached the first row of boards around, I then put the second boards on top all the way around and attached it pre-drilling and screwing them to the legs

3.Cover with Landscaping sheet.

Once the  frame is ready I will cover  inside with the landscaping sheet but, before that I added  1×4 boards to stretch across the width of the planter box. This would help support the weight of the dirt. I pre-drilled and screwed the 1×4’s to the bottom of the planter spreading them out evenly.

4.Fill with dirt and start Planting

At this point the planter was pretty much finished. I added a layer of landscaping fabric so the dirt would stay in the planter box. I used scissors to trim the access around the edge.

After it was in place, I put 2 bags of gardening soil in the bed and then I added the plants. I planted few herbs and vegetables

  Now excited for garden to grow. There you have a raised garden bed. Hope it’s helpful. 

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