About Me

HI ! This is Rubab and I welcome you to “Life of Mamabee”. Here you will find my passion for cooking , my love of feeding my family and some heart talk (Dil ki Batain).

I have always enjoyed cooking and being a foodie myself, I thought to share my passion with you all. The journey started in 2020 with covid lockdown and a year later I’m loving it. As a mama of 5 beautiful kids my life is pretty awesomely busy. My kitchen is my haven , my happy place where all the magic happens.

When I got married 20 years ago, I didn’t know how to cook . The journey to fall in love with food and cooking started right after I got married. It started with the book of late Zubaida Appa “Khana khazana “. My mother gave me that book , knowing as motherly instinct I will need it. I started to explore the joy of cooking since then.

Food for me is a blessing , joy of creativity and warmth of love that you get after feeding loved ones.