Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Donut. Donut who? Donut ask, it’s a secret!

Spicy Glazed Salmon

Flavourful salmon glazed with spicy rub with hint of sweetness from honey. The flavour combination is unforgettable and will make you explore your taste buds. Baked to perfection , served with wild rice and steamed vegetables.

EID Cookies

Short bread cookies with date filling. These melt in your mouth cookies are perfect for Eid celebration and festivity. Soft, sweet and buttery with date filling in the middle a perfect treat for anyone.

Punjabi Dahi Bhara’s

Special Punjabi dahi bhara’s. Soft and moist , with layers of potatoes , tomatoes , onions and topped with yogurt. Garnished with mint , cilantro and tamarind.  It’s always convenient to make a batch and keep in the freezer. Take out when needed , dip in hot water and make dahi bharas.

Saag in Instant Pot

Saag a traditional south asian dish , cooked with mustard greens and spinach. But here in North America we substitute with rapini and spinach blend. Giving us almost the same back home taste and flavour. Traditionally served with corn bread or naan. Save up to $60 on select kitchenware bundles at Our Place Cooked in…


Soft flaky buns with creamy filling. They are perfect bite size , great for tea time, kids snacks or ramadan Iftar. Kids love handy food that they can just hold and eat. Very delicious filling and healthy. For sure one won’t be enough for you. Recipe is very easy to follow.

Besan Ki Barfi

Growing up my Dadi would make this besan ki barfi . So delicious and she would keep in the silver container that looked like a pan dan. It use to be a treat for us. Lately I was craving that and decided to give it a try myself. Asked Ammi how BariAmmi would make it….

Chicken Wonton Hats

Don’t they look like small hats. I named them wonton hats. Crispy fried wontons with spicy and delicious chicken filling inside. Deep fried wontons give such a yummy crunch to them , dip in your favourite sauce and enjoy hot. I have used sweet Thai chilli sauce. Shop Le Creuset’s Favorites Under $250! Shop Le…

Instant Pot Kheer / Rice Pudding

Creamy sweet delight , the famous South Asian dessert that everyone loves. Also known as Rice Pudding. Slow cooked rice,milk and sugar dessert that traditionally takes long hours to cook. But thanks to Instant pot kheer can be made in minutes now.I make kheer usually once a year for the Rajab Niyaz. Standing for long…

Chicken Mushroom Rolled Buns

I would say savoury cinnamon rolls with chicken , mushroom and jalapeño filling. Soft bread shaped like a rolled bun with yummy filling. Great as a snack. Absolutely kids favourite.This recipe makes about 8 to 10 buns. Seeing Double: buy one Perfect Pot, save $70 on your second